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“Julia’s training has been a god-send during COVID.

As the museum director of a micro/grassroots museum in California, I was faced with the dilemma of how to keep paying our bills and rent, even when closed and locked down.

Using Julia’s methods on Facebook fundraising, we have raised more money than we would have had we been open.

Julia taught us how to put our mission front and center.

And our supporters have responded generously to make sure we stay alive even while quarantined.”

~ Emil Guillermo, Museum Director, Filipino American National Historical Society Museum

SOCIAL MEDIA FOR SOCIAL GOOD ACADEMY – Open for enrollment until Sunday September 20!

Social Media for Social Good Academy is a one-of-a-kind training program for nonprofit social media managers.

This comprehensive, live, interactive training course was designed to help you:

  • Better understand and make sense of the social media landscape and emerging trends that affect nonprofits.
  • Feel self-assured as to where to place their focus.
  • Develop a consistent strategy rather than frantically posting the week before an event or fundraising campaign.
  • Turn storytelling and social media engagement into action.


“I am a 35 year fundraising veteran… you just put on one of the most complete, comprehensive talks about a fundraising tactic that I have ever seen!”
~David Bubis, Director of Philanthropy, Public Counsel

My coordinator and I just attended your webinar. It was excellent!  As in workshops of yours I’ve been to, the material was well-organized and clearly presented, and the content was creative and comprehensive.  It will be helpful as we gear up for more e-fundraising next year!”
~Michele Chausse, Director of Communications, Rosie’s Place 

“I really enjoyed and learned so much today in your webinar. I attend many of these and I must say, yours was the best I have attended.”
~Terrianne Zeifman, Development Consultant, The Children’s Inn at NIH

“Your webinar today was excellent. I got a LOT of very valuable information is a SHORT period of time.”
~Diane Straney, Feline Freedom Coalition


BRAND NEW!!! How to Set Up and Run a Successful Facebook Fundraising Campaign for Your Nonprofit

Nonprofit digital storytelling


How to Build Your Email List Using Your Website and Social Media Platforms – A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Create a New Donor Welcome System for Your Nonprofit Using Your Website, Email, and Social Media


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How to Launch and Implement Your Online Fundraising Campaign – A Step-By-Step Guide

How to Launch A Wildly Successful Nonprofit Crowdfunding Campaign – A Step-by-Step Guide


How to Make a Thank You Video that Delights Donors and Gets Them to Give Again

New! How to Market and Promote Your Nonprofit Videos (including your thank you videos


BRAND NEW!!! How to Amplify Your Nonprofit’s Cause with Instagram Stories

Instagram for Beginners: How to Get Set Up and Start Your Nonprofit Using Instagram the Right Way


How to Create a Strategic Online Nonprofit Communications Plan – A Step-By-Step Guide

How to Create an Army of Online Storytellers to Help Spread the Word for Your Nonprofit



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