Daily Dose Social Media Tip of the Day – Do they even know you’re there?

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Daily Dose – Social Media Tip of the Day

“We created a Facebook page and a Twitter account a month ago. But very few people have connected with us. What gives?”

To this problem I always pose the question – Have you told anyone that you have these accounts?

Have you let your network know how, and WHY, they should connect with you?

Ways to tell your network that you are using social media:

  • Email newsletters (use icons that link directly to your social media profiles rather than plain text)
  • Your website (icons ideally in the upper right hand side, easy to find – ensure that the links work!)
  • Any and all print materials
  • Your store front, cash register, lobby, waiting room, anywhere you have a captive audience

Important note – with the proliferation of social media sites for businesses and nonprofit organizations, it is simply not enough to ask people to connect with you and leave it at that.

You must give people a reason to connect with you.

Tell them that they will get special Facebook only discounts, Twitter only notifications about sales, they will get the news/events/updates before the general public, or that you will share valuable information with them on a topic of interest.

Just being there will not get their attention – it’s the value that you provide that will.

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