Daily Dose – I Will Follow You (Maybe)

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Daily Dose – Social Media Tip of the Day – I Will Follow You (Maybe)

“I want more Twitter followers.”

OK. That is a valid desire, especially given the recent lawsuit that valued a Twitter follower at $2.50 per month.

So, I retort, how many people are you following on Twitter? Unless you are Conan O’Brien (or another major celebrity), you can’t get thousands of followers by only following one person. (Not to mention it kind of defeats the point of Twitter and social media in general, unless you are a comedian and you are doing it for comedic/ironic effect.)

I don’t have a hard and fast method for following. And just because someone follows me on Twitter does not necessarily mean I will follow back (just being honest).

I generally use these three metrics to judge whether or not I will follow someone:

  • They have to have some relevance to me either personally or professionally – i.e. they are my friends; they tweet about nonprofits, social media, or both;
  • They have to be interesting and share great content – i.e. news sites, bloggers and (sometimes) celebrities;
  • They have to like Twitter – this is key for me. They must have a bio, a photo and have tweeted sometime in the last week. If they don’t seem to like Twitter, then what’s the point?

How to you judge whether or not to follow someone? Do you follow everyone back? What do you look for in a good Twitterer? Please post your ideas in the Comments! 

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