3 Blogs You Need To Read Right Now

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In honor of #FollowFriday, I will share with you the three blogs I always read and why. Enjoy!

Seth Godin’s Blog

I never miss a post from Seth’s blog. I read it every single day, mostly on my phone over coffee in the morning. It is uncanny how he always manages to hit on an issue I’ve been struggling with, while providing useful advice. His blog is great because it is usually short and to the point, with actionable To Do items that are easy to understand and implement. He never pulls punches or makes excuses. I don’t know how he manages to be relevant and significant every single day. This blog is a must read for anyone doing any kind of marketing or sales, as well as entrepreneurs and people wanting to go into business for themselves.

The Nonprofit Facebook Guy

John Haydon of Inbound Zombie in Cambridge, also known as The Nonprofit Facebook Guy, is always one step ahead of the pack in understanding all the changes that Facebook throws at us. His blog is usually a semi-technical mini-how-to manual for each specific feature of a Facebook page. TNFG is brilliant in thinking up new and interesting content for your Facebook page (that can also translate to other social media sites), and often shows examples of nonprofits who rock at social media. While nonprofits are his passion, the tips and tricks described in this blog can be used by anyone using Facebook to market their business. He literally wrote the book on the subject (Facebook Marketing for Dummies).

Nonprofit Tech 2.0 Blog – A Social Media Guide for Nonprofits

Heather Mansfield also wrote a fantastic book (Social Media for Social Good) that should be the bible of every nonprofit social media manager out there. The book is targeted at nonprofits, but has detailed To Do lists and other great information for anyone using social media to market their business.

Heather is an early adopter of many new technologies, often blogging about new social networks (like Pinterest) and mobile technologies before everyone jumps on the bandwagon. A very detailed blog with lots of examples and case studies, each post is a succinct description and list of social media Best Practices that can be easily adapted to your specific organization or business.

What are some blogs that you can’t live without? What makes a great blog? Please add your thoughts in the Comments section or email julia@jcsocialmarketing.com – Thanks for reading! 

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