4 Quick Ideas When You Have Nothing to Blog About

4 Quick Ideas When You Have Nothing to Blog About

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4 Quick Ideas When You Have Nothing to Blog About I love blogging.

Coming up with ideas for blog posts has never been my problem – it’s finding the time to write that’s challenging!

Recently I’ve been asked by clients how they can keep their blog fresh and full of interesting, relevant content every week.

Some of them have bloggers block, others have no idea where to start.

Here are 4 quick ideas when you think you have nothing to blog about:

1)     FAQs

Take a look at your organization’s Frequently Asked Questions.

What do you get the most emails and phone calls about? What are people asking you on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn?

Write down a list of the top 10 FAQs for your organization. Each answer can be a blog post.

TIP: Add a short video to the blog post explaining the answer to the question.

2)     Myths vs. Facts

What are some of the myths surrounding your organization, your cause, the people that you serve?

Think of the top 5 myths that you encounter regularly in your job.

Use your blog as the opportunity to dispel some of those myths.

TIP: Add links to other blog posts and articles that support factual evidence – outgoing links create community and help make your blog more interactive.

3)     How To

Do people come to you with questions about taking action? Are your supporters and stakeholders want to participate but are confused on where to begin?

How To posts can include a step-by-step list for collecting food for a food drive, organizing a fundraising walk, preventing elder abuse or calling a legislator.

Create a list of 3 topics on which you can provide advice to your supporters. Think of ways you would like them to take action and provide detailed instructions.

TIP: Use a testimonial or a story of a person who took this action, how they did it and what impact it had.

4)      Top 10 Tips

Everyone loves Top 10 Tips posts! It doesn’t have to be a full 10 – any number will work as long as it’s in list format.

Always think  of what will be useful and helpful to your online community.

Examples: Top 10 Dog Training Tips, Top 10 Tips To Keep Kids Active in the Summer, Top 10 Tips for Helping the Environment.

TIP: Make an infographic of the Top 10 Tips using infogr.am and post it everywhere.

I hope these ideas help you as you write your next few blog posts.

Do you have any other quick tips and ideas when it comes to blogging?

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  1. samir

    It’s really difficult of creating a topic specially when you go blank. That is why its important that the blog you are building is connected to your interest. One method I do is that I list topics that I am interest to write that are related to my blog. And I start to create one post at a time. In that way I have list of pending topics for future articles.

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      Julia Claire Campbell

      I also do that – I save topics in Dropbox so I can access them from my phone, iPad or computer wherever I am, whenever inspiration strikes! Thanks for the tip!

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