Nonprofit Storytelling Strategy Sessions

You want to learn how to collect and tell better stories about the great work that you do.

You know that storytelling is the most effective and powerful way to share the impact of your work and to get donors excited and motivated to give again and again.

When great stories are combined with the reach of digital platforms including social media, websites, and email campaigns, the results can be explosive!

However, if you are like many nonprofit professionals, you may not know where to start with storytelling.

You may be facing some of the most common storytelling challenges, and you are looking for solutions.

If you want to learn how to better connect with your supporters and retain more of your donors using the power of storytelling, you need my Storytelling Strategy Sessions.

Using the methodology, examples, and templates provided in my book Storytelling in the Digital Age: A Guide for Nonprofits, I will walk you and your team through the exact steps required to supercharge your storytelling and get you amazing results.

The Storytelling Strategy Session is perfect for Board and staff retreats! 

What you will learn in the Storytelling Strategy Sessions:

  • How to create a culture of storytelling at your organization
  • How to create a Storytelling Action Plan that fits your nonprofit’s unique needs and capacity
  • How to find great stories your donors will love
  • How to collect and craft the best stories about your impact
  • How to best tell stories that will turn supporters from passive to active
  • How to use your digital platforms (website, email, social media) for storytelling

The Storytelling Strategy Session can be held in person if you are in the Boston-area, or via Crowdcast (recordings will be shared with you).

We will conduct the Storytelling Strategy Session in 3 steps:

1) Before our work together, I will send you a comprehensive questionnaire to provide background on your past and current storytelling efforts.

2) We will meet via Crowdcast or in-person (in the Greater Boston area) and I will conduct the small-group training. You will walk away with actionable ideas, inspiration, and a firm plan for getting started in your storytelling or improving your existing work for greater results.

3) After our meeting, I will send you a full report, notes, the recording of our sessions (if held via Crowdcast), and all necessary resources.

Investment: $2,500 $1997 if you book before January 2019!