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 The Giving CommonI wanted to take this opportunity to let all the nonprofits that I work with know about the Giving Common Challenge!

If you do not work for a charity, please forward to your favorite Massachusetts nonprofit organization so they can participate!

Good luck! 

Announcing the Giving Common Challenge– October 10th, 2012

$150K in 36 hours in Challenge Grants

 To be eligible, your organization must have a published Giving Common profile by August 1st.

 See attached or below for more details.

 Help us spread the word and send this to your networks!

Dear Nonprofit Leader,

We are pleased to report that we recently launched The Giving Common with over 300 nonprofit profiles. To those organizations with published profiles, congratulations and thank you for making The Giving Common such a success! To those of you who have not yet gotten involved, we encourage you to do so today so that your organization can benefit from the Giving Common Challenge.

What is The Giving Common?

The Giving Common ( is a database of in-depth nonprofit profiles that funders, donors, and the general public can search by issue area, geography, and other variables with the option to “donate now.” The Giving Common allows your organization to tell your story in your own words. The benefits of being involved include enhancing your organization’s development and marketing capacity as well as saving time on grant applications.

What is the Giving Common Challenge?

The 2012 Giving Common Challenge will be a 36 hour event starting on 10.10.2012 during which nonprofit organizations with published Giving Common profiles will be eligible to receive part of the $150,000 challenge grant pool donated by the Boston Foundation. More details will be forthcoming as they are confirmed.  Profiles must be submitted by August 1st in order to be eligible to participate in the Challenge.  Before we can publish your profile, all required fields must be completed.

How can I get involved in the Giving Common Challenge?

All nonprofits with published Giving Common profiles will be included in the Challenge.

  • If you were one of the 300+ nonprofits with a profile published for the May 30th launch you do not need to do anything further to be included.  Please visit and search for your organization to verify your status.
  • To get started on your profile today, please visit .  You will need to submit your profile byWednesday, August 1 to participate in the Challenge. Please allow at least four to six hours to complete your profile and know that The Giving Common team is here to help you throughout the process.

Finally, please help us strengthen our nonprofit community by forwarding this opportunity to other 501c3 Public Charities or programs that are fiscally sponsored by a 501c3 Public Charity across Massachusetts!

As always, thank you for the amazing work that you do!


The Giving Common Team

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