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  1. Thibaut Davoult

    Wow, nice find. I didn’t know congress was Instagramming! I know of a few nonprofits that are doing a great job on Instagram, for example Charity:water, Heal The Bay, Whole Foods have their Whole Planet organization there, Oceana, even Movember!
    I think you are right, Claire, to say that Nonprofits can benefit from Instagram, particularly since it’s so inexpensive. Do you manage a nonprofit or an organization on Instagram?

    I work with the company building Nitrogram: a platform to professionally manage Instagram streams. find it at , it gives insights, helps creating galleries that can be moderated easily and posted on websites or via a Facebook tab, and lets you interact with Instagram users directly from your web browser by allowing you to comment and like photos without opening the app.
    You can also find our own instagram stream @trynitrogram were we post photos of our office and our team, sometimes having fun with a bit of squashpong! (ping pong + squash, it’s fun) Cheers 🙂

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