Using Social Media for Social Good (Infographic)

Using Social Media for Social Good {Infographic}

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Infographic of the week - Social Media for Social Good

Are you sick of trying to persuade social media naysayers that the tools can actually accomplish some good in the world?

Show them this great infographic by Bluehost.

Did you know that Americans are actually very generous?

  • 83% of us want brands to support causes.
  • 41% have bought a product because it was associated with a  cause!  That’s awesome!

The infographic lists examples of social media campaigns for charity that “went viral”:

  • Random Acts
  • Malaria No More
  • It Gets Better
  • Hoshyar Founadtion
  • WWF
  • Water Is Life

It also features the ways that celebrities are using social media to advance social causes.

Do you have examples of social media being used for social good? How is your nonprofit using these tools to accomplish your mission?

Social Media For Good (Infographic)


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