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missionbox-launch-01In the nonprofit sector, professionals often feel that they need to take on everything by themselves. We silo our departments, isolate our fundraising and program staff, and put our heads down to put out the fires that crop up every day as we do our important work.

This is why nonprofit staff experience such high levels of burn out, stress, and depression. If you are in a small town, or an organization that does not often interact with community partners and others, it’s easy to begin to feel alone and overwhelmed.

What if there were a centralized, online marketplace for nonprofit knowledge? That’s what is trying to accomplish.

When I found out about MissionBox, I signed up immediately. I am impressed by their mission: “ is committed to a world where nonprofits no longer work in isolation, but instead are empowered by essential mission-related knowledge and colleague connections.”

Ending isolation and connecting nonprofit staff and volunteers with trusted allies in the sector will undoubtedly help everyone be more effective in their roles, get more done, and thus facilitate social change.

Here are a just a few examples of the places where MissionBox can help (note that this is a FREE resource):

  • A veteran grant writer offers guidance to a novice grant writer that helps him or her achieve greater results.
  • A promising nonprofit start-up founder can connect with an experienced leader who points out blind spots and encourages a drive toward success.
  • A newly-hired Development Director is struggling to meet their capital campaign goals. She exceeds that goal with tips from a veteran fundraiser.

MissionBox helps connects nonprofit leaders connect with that perfect peer who is seeking guidance. 

The goal? Stop “reinventing the wheel” create a larger sense of community, and together, make a bigger impact.

Their free site provides easy access to:
  • Opportunities to get advice from mentors who’ve paved the way;
  • Technology that connects peers based on cause area, skills and experience;
  • A large collection of searchable, sortable and curated best practices and information;
  • A repository of key templates and documents for any nonprofit.

MissionBox aims to help nonprofits operate more efficiently and effectively, making the world a better place.

Learn more about becoming a nonprofit ally by joining here for free.

EDITOR’S NOTE: I was not compensated or paid to publish this post. However, is randomly selecting 10 bloggers to give away a $1000 grant to the nonprofit of their choice. 

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