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(Because of email deliverability snafus and Gmail Jail, I am no longer able to add animated GIFs and emojis and other fun things that heaven forbid add personality to my email newsletter. So each week I’ll put it up on my blog. Enjoy!)

It’s hard to believe that November is fully underway – but of course, I’m one of THOSE people who want to put up their holiday decorations the second Halloween is over!

My husband is more like this:

However you celebrate, even if you don’t, I hope that you are approaching year-end giving season with intention and thoughtfulness.

I’m not as much interested in what you are doing to drive donations or engagement at year-end as I am in this vital question:

How are you showing up for your donors, your supporters, and your community the rest of the year?

In my workshops, I often reference the commonly followed 80/20 rule of digital marketing.

80% of the time your nonprofit should provide your community and your audience with information that they want and that only you can give them.

This means sharing helpful resources, entertaining and compelling stories, interesting and unique content.

Warm them up, build trust and affinity, so that you can then ask them to take a direct action on your behalf about 20% of the time.

80% – their agenda. 20% – yours.

In the New Year, free to break the rules – why not try changing to a 90/10 rule? Or baby steps – even 85/15?

No matter what numbers you use, the key is to get into a rhythm where you are not simply promoting and pushing out your agenda.

You are consciously and purposefully leveraging digital tools to build relationships with your followers, fans, and readers.

Long-term, deep relationships that you can cultivate over time, rather than just via a few direct mail appeals and Facebook fundraisers.

For a step-by-step blueprint on the exact way to build relationships using social media, keep an eye out for my BRAND NEW BOOK coming in just a few weeks! I’m so excited to share more about it with you, so keep your eyes peeled!!!

There are two chances to see me speak IRL this year – if you are attending Fundraising Day in Boston or the 4 Pillars Conference in Boston please let me know! Come up and say hi! I love to talk to my community members.

Hit reply if there is anything that I can help with in the meantime.

Have a great week and keep creating change. πŸ’—


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p.s. Know someone who needs to join the Social Good Squad newsletter? Send them here to sign up: πŸ‘ Know quite a few people who need it? Share the goodness on Twitter! 😊

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