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The deadly mass shootings in Atlanta earlier this week killed eight people – six of them Asian women. Violence against the AAPI (Asians, Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders) community is escalating.

So what can we, as nonprofits, do to help?

I want to highlight some resources for you:

Emil Guillermo: Atlanta, an Asian American awakening—not just for us, but for the rest of America too.

Leticia Barr from Tech Savvy Mama shares 6 things we can do to stop Asian hate right now.

One of my favorite writers, Christine Koh, outlines 7 ways that parents can support kids through this wave of anti-Asian violence.

Understand the combination of sexism and toxic Asian stereotypes that are fueling the distorted media coverage.

Make a donation to support Georgia’s Asian American Community.

Here is a collection n of Anti-Asian Violence Resources including links to statements, donation pages, education resources, and more:

Bystander intervention training to protect yourself and others from harassment

A Community-Centered Response to Violence against Asian American Communities: Sign on as an Organization and/or an Individual

Michelle Kim’s article on Asian and Black solidarity

NatGeo: America’s long history of scapegoating its Asian citizens

From The Communications Network:

“Here are two ways foundation and nonprofit comms teams can lead now:

Lend Your Influence: Share a statement condemning violence against Asians and Asian Americans and expressing your support for these communities. We’ve started an open crowd-sourced document to collect and share what others are saying. Please use it as a resource if you need it — and add to it if you can.

Lead Inside: Create space internally for your staff to have conversations — and let them know where you stand.”

Thanks for all that you do to make this world a more just and equitable place.

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