How Much Should Nonprofits Spend On Advertising? with Samin Pogoff

How Much Should Nonprofits Spend On Advertising?

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The answer is… 42. (Listen to find out what that means, and thanks for all the fish.)

In all seriousness, the question is not should our nonprofit have a budget for advertising. In 2022, the more important question is – just how much should we spend, and how do we determine this?  Which channels are most effective for nonprofits? These questions are especially important as social platforms like Facebook/Instagram/LinkedIn continue to reduce organic reach across the board.

Samin Pogoff is here to help. A creative storyteller at heart and a data analyst by training, Samin helps mission-oriented businesses and organizations increase their impact through data-driven strategy. Since starting at Whole Whale, she has helped clients like NYC Health and Hospitals, MediaJustice, Scratch Foundation, Mid-America Transplant, Compassion and Choices, Counseling in Schools, and Lung Cancer Foundation of America develop insight from their data and improve their digital strategy. Before joining the nonprofit digital marketing agency Whole Whale, Samin worked as a documentary film editor and producer with works screening at The Tribeca Film Festival and on HBO, VICE News Tonight, BBC World Services, and The History Channel.

Here are some of the topics we discussed:

  • Insights from the recent Nonprofit Advertising Benchmark Study
  • What nonprofits get wrong when thinking about and budgeting for advertising
  • How to create a budget for advertising that won’t break the bank but will help you get results

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Nonprofit Advertising Benchmark Study

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