Getting More Creative In Your Fundraising with John Lepp

Getting More Creative In Your Fundraising with John Lepp

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“What kind of fundraiser do you want to be?”

Donor communications can be challenging when you have an over-packed schedule and very full plate of tasks. But infusing creativity and #donorlove into your interactions with donors will help you raise more money and deepen relationships for the long term.

In this episode, Creative Deviations author and Agents of Good founder John Lepp joins me to discuss creativity, donor appreciation, and how to maintain passion for the work after two decades of fundraising.

We cover:

  • Why so many fundraisers ignore donor communications
  • How to tell more creative and engaging stories
  • Examples from the book Creative Deviations
  • How to keep flexing the creative muscle – where to get inspiration
  • What’s next for fundraising in an unstable, noisy world

About John

John Lepp, author of Creative Deviations, is a direct response, marketing and graphic design expert with almost 25 years of experience working with charities around the world to help them tell better stories and to inspire donors to give, both online and offline.  He is a respected and coveted international speaker who has traveled the world helping fundraisers be more “human” and “vulnerable” to these other amazing humans we call donors.

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