The Recurring Giving Report

Let’s Be Besties ๐Ÿ˜Š

Julia Claire Campbell Nonprofits

In beautiful Toronto, where we didn’t get to see the eclipse due to overcast weather, but having a blast speaking and networking at the largest conference for fundraisers, AFP ICON.

โ€‹I was so excited to join Neon One as an ambassador for the launch of their most recent research report, all about recurring giving.ย โ€‹

The “Let’s Be Besties” movement aims to get the word out about the strategies and the data behind successful recurring giving programs (and there are cute hats involved.)

The issue is this.

While it’s been shown that the most effective way to create sustainable revenue is through recurring giving programs, nonprofits tend to prioritize immediate donations. When you don’t have the resources to try โ€œnew thingsโ€ –ย it can feel impossible to get started.

โ€‹Enter the Neon One Recurring Giving Report.ย โ€‹

Download The Report

Leveraging data from more than 2,000 nonprofits over five years,ย this reportย explores the transactional analysis of recurring and non-recurring gifts and a dedicated review of over 100,000 recurring donors.

โ€‹The Recurring Giving Reportย provides results from real nonprofit organizations to ensure our sector that recurring giving is not only worth their time investment, but that it can transform the way they interact with dedicated supporters and project fundraising revenue confidently.

โ€‹A few of the key findings from the Report:ย โ€‹

โ€“> The average nonprofitโ€™s recurring donor base grew 127%

โ€“> Individual recurring donors gave about $949.19 each year

โ€“> The average monthly recurring donation was $79.10

โ€“> The highest recurring monthly gift was $51,593.61

โ€“> Nonprofits had an average recurring donor retention rate of 78%

โ€“> The average recurring donor lifetime was just over 8 years

โ€“> 50% of recurring donors give additional gifts

๐Ÿ‘‰ย Download your copy of the report.ย โ€‹

๐Ÿ‘‰ย Join the Neon One team for “An Insiderโ€™s Look at the Recurring Giving Report” on April 17โ€‹

That’s it for today, my nonprofit unicorn friend.

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