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Go Back-to-School with Online Marketing Experts

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Back to school digital marketing workshopAre you looking to enhance your online marketing efforts this fall?

Do you want to produce amazing visual content for your social media channels and watch your engagement skyrocket?

Have you heard the hype about Facebook Live, but wonder how you can use it to grow your business?

Do you enjoy learning in a small group environment where you have direct access to the speakers and can comfortably share ideas with the participants?

This Mastermind Workshop is for you! 

In celebration of the spirit of education and the back-to-school season, we are getting the band back together (Me, Jeannine O’Neil of JO Social Branding and Special Guest Speaker Heather Jackson of Constant Contact).

Based on the success of our first in-person, small group Social Media Day Mastermind Workshop, we are getting back together for an interactive, comprehensive digital marketing deep dive!

Jeannine, Heather, and I will teach you how to use the latest digital marketing tools in order to increase visibility, expand your brand, bond with your audience, and bring your online marketing to an entirely new level.

In this half-day workshop, we will present the following short sessions:

  • Smile But Don’t Freak Out: How to Use Facebook Live to Grow Your Business
  • Learn to Command Your Brand with Instagram for Business
  • How Mobile Has Changed Email Marketing (& Made it Easier for You)

This workshop is right for you if:

  • You have social media and email marketing accounts and are looking for new tools to better utilize these marketing channels.
  • You are looking to raise the bar with your online marketing and brand awareness.
  • You want tips on how to create more engaging visual content that will have your fans coming back for more.
  • You need advice on specific, actionable ways you can take charge of online conversations, create more engagement, and generate leads online.

Space is limited. We are hosting this in depth, deep-dive for only 30 savvy marketers.

Are you ready to get schooled with your marketing? Register Today!

JuliaCampbell01web (1)Smile But Don’t Freak Out: How to Use Facebook Live to Grow Your Business with Julia Campbell

Ever since “Chewbacca mom” created one of the most viewed Facebook live videos, many people, as well as organizations and businesses, who had never heard of Facebook Live took note.

HarperCollins Publishers, The New York Times, The White House, and The MET are just a few organizations that are broadcasting real-time impact stories, tours, product demos, interviews, and more. Although Facebook Live is fairly simple to use, you may feel (understandably) hesitant about this new form of unscripted marketing.

In this session, you will learn the basics of Facebook Live broadcasting, and ways to use live video strategically for your organization.

Attendees will learn:

  • Why is live broadcasting so HUUUGE?
  • How to pick a topic your people care about
  • How to set up Facebook Live and start broadcasting immediately
  • How to promote your live broadcast
  • How to re-purpose your live video in other places
  • How to prepare for prime-time
  • Mistakes you will never do (because you came to this session)

untitled-3681Learn to Command Your Brand with Instagram for Business with Jeannine O’Neil

Not using Instagram for Business yet? If you have a visual product or are a service-based business you are leaving money on the table.

With 500 million users worldwide and 300 Million of them using the visual content app daily, Instagram® has taken the world by storm. Their latest update, “Instagram for Business” allows businesses to convert their profile to a lead-generating marketing channel.  This includes call-to-action buttons and tracking insights to better understand and engage with their audience.

In this power-packed session, Jeannine will teach you:

  • The 5 key elements you must nail to create a captivating Instagram bio.
  • Must-know tips on how to analyze the data in your Instagram reports.
  • Ways to uncover the demographic data of your Followers.
  • How to unleash the power of the Hashtag.
  • 4 easy simple ways to immediately increase your following.

Once you leave this workshop you will know how to:

  • Create a solid Instagram for Business account that syncs with your brand.
  • Discover they ways to use this powerful visual marketing tool to connect with your ideal audience.
  • Convert your account into a lead-generating machine.

Are you ready to ‘Rock the Gram’, boost your business and find “insta”taneous brand success?

Special Guest: Heather Jackson, Constant Contact
How Mobile Has Changed Email Marketing (& Made it Easier for You)

Heather Jackson headshot

Did you know over 60% of email is ready on a mobile device? And when they open it there, you have 5-9 seconds to get their attention?

This powerful seminar takes you step-by-step through the keys to effective email marketing on mobile devices.  Learn to

  • Grow a healthy list
  • Create great content
  • Customize a beautiful, mobile responsive template that matches your brand
  • How to get your emails opened and read
  • Tracking your results

You’ll also get a look at the NEW 3GE editor from Constant Contact including a preview of easy to use new features and how to tips and tricks.

Register Now! 


We only have space for 30 professionals for this Mastermind. Make sure you sign up today!

Breakfast will be Provided By:

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    Thanks for giving us more ideas on how to use the facebook in online marketing. This is really a big help. People now adays are all using facebook and It’s about time to start again the online business through this.

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