Social Superheroes present Event Marketing Maximillion

How to Use the Social Media Superheroes of Nonprofit Event Marketing

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Social Superheroes present Event Marketing MaximillionGuest Post by Nepoleon Nayak

If you are a nonprofit event coordinator, your favorite social superheroes are probably not the cape-wearing, shield-wielding kind.

You know that the success of your event depends to a very large extent on the way you use social media networks like as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Social media channels are a fantastic tool for marketing and reaching your targeted audience, making them the coolest and most powerful social superheroes around!

So how do you use the Hashtag Hero, the Likely Lad, the Network Ninja, and more?

The below infographic from Maximillion takes a quick look at how successful event managers use the superpowers of social media to make their events a resounding success.

event marketing infographic
Courtesy of: Maximillion

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