What’s Next for Nonprofit Galas and Auctions? with Sherry Truhlar

What’s Next for Nonprofit Galas and Auctions? with Sherry Truhlar

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It’s no secret that charities of all sizes have had to rethink their gala, auction, and fundraising event strategy in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. How can we continue to set an event strategy – virtual or in-person – in light of COVID-19? What’s changed, and how can we adapt?

My guest this week is an expert on events, auctions, and galas. Sherry Truhlar is President of Red Apple Auctions, a boutique auction firm focused on nonprofit galas.  Since leaving her corporate marketing job, she’s worked as a cheeky auctioneer onstage and a trusted resource offstage for anyone seeking to improve the profitability of a fundraising gala.  Though her public work has taken her to nearly every state and placed her alongside A-list celebrities, the bulk of her time is spent educating thousands of gala planners via her free Benefit Auction Ideas videos and newsletter.

What we cover in this episode:

  • Setting a gala strategy in light of COVID-19 – how has it changed?
  • How to get guests to attend your auction
  • Tips about audio systems for fundraising auctions
  • How to get volunteers to procure auction items, including experiences
  • How to best utilize volunteers
  • Where are virtual events going
  • What’s the future for auctions

Connect with Sherry:

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