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At first glance, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the above flyer promoting The Jimmy Fund’s annual “Strike Out Cancer” radio/telethon.

Then it dawned on me.

Where is the information about a mobile and social media campaign?

There is an 800 number and a (very long) URL. No Facebook button, no Twitter link, no Pinterest logo. (To be fair, if you do go all the way to the website, the links are there.)

At first glance, it seems that one has to have a radio or TV to participate in the fundraiser (incidentally going on right now).

I’m willing to bet that today you are at work, unable to listen in or watch live on TV. But I bet you could sneak away and send a text donation, if asked. Or Like them on Facebook, if asked and told how to do so.

Did the organizers simply ignore the statistics on mobile and social usage?

  • 234 million Americans age 13 and older use mobile devices.
  • Nearly 110 million people in the U.S. own smartphones.
  • 74.8% of U.S. mobile subscribers use text messaging on their mobile device.
  • 36.7% of mobile subscribers access social networking sites and blogs.
  • Facebook monthly users now total nearly 850 million.
  • There are over There are over 465 million Twitter accounts.

With no QR code or text-to-donate campaign information on the flyer, it seems to me like The Jimmy Fund has missed a huge opportunity to raise even more money for their great cause.

I do wish them all the best, and I plan to donate myself – online.

What examples of successful mobile or text-to-donate campaigns have you seen? Please leave your thoughts in the Comments section below. Thanks for reading! 

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  1. @bizcommunicator

    NPO’s miss these opportunities all the time. They often have not even set up Social Pages or if they have they don’t utilize them to the best advantage. Glad you called attention to that, Julia! NPOs can benefit so much from social!

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