How to Turn Donors Into Raving Fans

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How to write a really great thank you noteOn my Facebook News Feed the other day, I saw a post from a friend of mine.

In the post, she uploaded a photo of the wonderful thank you note that was sent to her son from the Jimmy Fund Clinic.

Think about that – she received a paper thank you letter from a nonprofit, and instead of filing it away, or recycling it, she took a photo and shared it with her entire network!

With the photo, she described how much this meant to her young son, as he had donated some of his Christmas money and allowance money that he worked so hard to earn. To get a thank you like this meant the world to him.

Needless to say, her entire Facebook network was touched and inspired.

4 things that this thank you note does right:

1) It’s personalized with the donor’s first name. This is absolutely KEY to getting a donor’s attention and get them to keep reading.

2) The author of the note mentions that they know that Mason is a young adult, and that he is an “amazing” one at that. Know your donor and make them the hero of the story!

3) They tell Mason exactly what his donation will purchase, and how much it means.

4) It’s short, sweet, and meaningful.

I am willing to bet that Mason and his mother will be donating to the Jimmy Fund Clinic for a very long time.

And by posting this thank you letter, others may be inspired to join in and give to this cause also.

Do you have an example of a great thank you note that you received? What made it so special? 

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