10 reasons your nonprofit needs to explore Google+

10 Reasons Your Nonprofit Needs to Be On Google+

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10 reasons your nonprofit needs to explore Google+

Google+ is by far the most underestimated social network out there.

Despite being directly connected to search behemoth Google as well as YouTube, the third largest social network, nonprofits have been slow to jump on the Google+ bandwagon.

However, with the recent changes in the Facebook algorithm drastically affecting Facebook Pages, many nonprofits are looking to diversify their social online presence. Google+ may be the perfect next step.

If you want to learn more about specific ways that your nonprofit can use Google+, please consider registering for my webinar with NPO Connect.

Here are my top 10 reasons why your nonprofit needs to explore Google+.

1)     You are probably already there. If you use Gmail or if you comment on YouTube videos, you have already created a Google+ personal account.

Users create profiles and then have the option to create a Company Page, similar to a Facebook Page for businesses, organizations or brands.  

2)     It’s not a ghost town. Google claims it is the second largest social media site in the world with 540 million monthly active users.

Many of these users are tied to Google’s other products and may not use the site regularly, however, this number should not be ignored.

3)     Google+ is Google’s social network. We are talking about Google! Being Google’s own baby means that if you use it, you are more likely to be found in Google search results.

Rich information is featured on the right hand side of Google search results, with information pulled from Wikipedia, Guidestar and Google+ Pages.

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4)     Ease of use. Google+ is ridiculously easy to use. You create circles in which to place people and pages that you follow. You can then post messages to those circles, to the public or to any number of other lists.

5)     Less clutter and noise. Google+ has a different culture and tone than other social networks. There are fewer BuzzFeed quizzes and cat memes and much more rich, in depth and high quality content shared.

6)     It’s easier to connect with new people. On Google+ I predominantly follow people I have never met.

Google+ is not like Facebook where you connect with people that you know and like; it’s much better for discovering new and interesting people and pages to follow.

7)     Great features. Google+ has fantastic, useful features for nonprofits including Hangouts and Communities.   

8)     More in-depth information. No character limit. Because you can make posts as long as you want (and add formatting like bold adn underline), Google+ is better for in-depth conversations.

9)     No EdgeRank! Google+ shows you posts based on when they are published. There is no algorithm or formula determining which posts you may like best – they are all weighted the same.

10)  Tied to AdWords. In the future, You can use your best Google+ posts as AdWords ads. These ads will not function like Facebook Ads which are only displayed within Facebook.

Google+ ads will be displayed across the entire Google network. Read more about this at The Social Hat and Ad Age.

Is your nonprofit using Google+? Join me for a webinar with NPO Connect – ideal for the Google+ beginner and those interested in exploring the social network and its practical uses for nonprofits. 

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Why Google+ is so vital to be found in search
  • How to set up your Google+ page
  • How to reserve a custom URL for your nonprofit’s Google+ page
  • How your nonprofit can use Google+ features, like Communities and Hangouts
  • What successful nonprofits do on Google+
  • 10 steps to getting more followers and engagement on Google+

I hope you can join meRegister!


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