Julia’s Nonprofit Social Media Checklist

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I’m speaking at the Essex County Community Foundation’s Institute for Trustees on March 22, and the topic is “Online Marketing & Social Media: What a Board Member Needs to Know”.

If you’ve seen me speak, you know I cram in a ton of information into my sessions, and this one is just one hour.

I wanted to come up with a quick checklist of all the questions and To Dos that I go over with my clients when forming a social media strategy for their organization.

Here it is, as a free JPG for you to download: Julia’s Nonprofit Social Media Checklist 

Julia’s Nonprofit Social Media Checklist

Is your content relevant to your audience? Does it pass the “will they care” test?
Is your post, tweet or photo meant to elicit engagement – likes, shares, comments?
Do you have social share buttons on your website, blog posts and thank you pages?
Do you have links to your social media accounts on all marketing materials?
Do you understand the unique culture of each social network?
Are you posting at the ideal time for your audience?
Are you posting a good mix of links, photos, videos and text?
Do you share others’ content frequently, with attribution?
Do you thank your community members when they share, comment, like and retweet?
Are you strategically posting to become the go-to resource in your cause area?
Are you following the 80/20 rule – 80% of content providing value, 20% about you?
Are you constantly looking for ways to connect your stakeholders online?
Do you often share resources, articles and blog posts that are helpful?
Do you create your own eye-catching graphics using Canva or PicMonkey?
Do your supporters know you are active on social networks? Have you told them?
Do you engage Online Ambassadors to spread the word about your cause?
Are you collecting and sharing success stories and testimonials?
Do you consistently demonstrate the impact of your work across social media channels?
Are you listening and responding to comments and questions?
Do you post to one social network at least once per day?


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  1. Mazarine

    For people who find the last directive: Do you post to one social network at least once per day? challenging, I have a solution for you. It’s called Nextscripts, and it’s a free wordpress plugin.


    Mazarine, author, The Wild Woman’s Guide to Social Media and The Wild Woman’s Guide to Fundraising

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