How to Market and Promote Your Nonprofit Giving Day

How to Market and Promote Your Nonprofit Giving Day

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How to Market and Promote Your Nonprofit Giving Day

Welcome to the seventh episode of Nonprofit Social Media Nerds, where we discuss and demo social media tools, tech, tips, and tricks.

(Most) Fridays at noon we will come to you live and discuss a topic designed to help you use your limited time and resources for social media more effectively and efficiently.

My fellow Nonprofit Social Media Nerd is certified Social Media Strategist Josh Hirsch, the Director of Mission and Communication for Susan G. Komen South Florida.

Together we co-administer the Facebook Group Nonprofit Social Media Storytelling.

Our group is a place for nonprofit marketers, fundraisers, and social media nerds to share challenges, ask questions, and give advice.

Today’s topic – Nonprofit Giving Days! 

Have you participated in a giving day as a fundraiser or a donor?

Did you run a campaign for Giving Tuesday last year?

Do you want get the secrets to promoting and marketing your giving day to get more donations and more engagement?

Chris Strub is the expert, and we were thrilled to have him on as our special guest. 

Known as the #GivingDayGuy, Chris has helped nonprofits across the globe raise millions on giving days.

Chris is a sought-after social media speaker and trainer, having given workshops at Social Media Marketing World and Marketed.Live in London.

He has worked with Humana, Big Brothers Big Sisters of America and The Salvation Army USA, and he is the author of 50 States, 100 Days: The Book, which details his experience as the first person to volunteer and to live-stream in all 50 states.

In this video, the Nonprofit Social Media Nerds Julia and Josh discuss the nitty gritty of marketing and promoting nonprofit giving days with Chris, including:

** What are giving days, and how do organizations participate?

** What are the essential steps to promoting a fabulous giving day?

** Why is establishing a marketing strategy in the lead-up to your giving day so important? 

** What are the best tips on using social media tools like Facebook Live and Instagram Stories to promote your giving day campaign and raise more money?

To get more detail, watch the replay of our live session below or on my Facebook Page.

Have questions or feedback? Please leave your thoughts in the comments!

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