Best Kept Secrets to Getting And Using Facebook Fundraiser Data

Best Kept Secrets to Getting (And Using!) Facebook Fundraiser Data

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Thanks to Keela for pulling together this wonderful free virtual conference for nonprofits, Plugged In: Nonprofit Tech and Transformation!

Since the 2015 debut of Facebook charitable giving tools, people have raised $1 billion+ on Facebook for causes they care about.

With the exploding popularity of Facebook Fundraisers, several important questions persist: How do we know who is fundraising for us?

With limited to zero data provided by Facebook, how can we effectively engage these supporters during and after their campaign?

This tools-agnostic, jam-packed session, featuring a real-world nonprofit case study and industry benchmarks taken from over 300,000 Facebook fundraising transactions, aims to bust prevalent myths and address common challenges around Facebook fundraising.

Using data-supported methodology, nonprofits will learn how to identify individuals launching Facebook Fundraisers, how to create a workable Facebook Fundraiser Engagement Strategy, how to use Facebook ads to target potential birthday Fundraisers, and creative ways to thank and engage Fundraisers long-term.

We will also cover what does NOT work – and what to avoid at all costs!

Learning Outcomes:

  • Hidden hacks to identify who is creating and running Facebook Fundraisers for your nonprofit
  • How to create a workable Facebook Fundraiser Engagement Strategy to drive revenue and build long-term relationships with Fundraisers
  • Creative ways to encourage supporters to start Facebook Fundraisers for you, as well as acknowledge, thank, and steward them afterwards

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