How to Use Digital Marketing to Find New Donors

How to Get New Donors Through Digital Marketing

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Chris Barlow is the Director of Beeline, has been in marketing and sales for 14 years, and masterfully puts his two youngest down for a nap every day. He expected to work in a cause-focused career when he grew up, but was surprised to discover his passion for business. Five years ago, he came full-circle and has been happily serving nonprofits ever since. 

Chris came on my Facebook Live stream to show a simple way to acquire new donors through digital marketing.

All without SEO, a huge team, tech overwhelm, and spending tons on advertising! 

You’ll learn:

  • How to find people looking for you and the problem that you solve 
  • How to find people that you can help
  • How to use simple tech to set it up

You can watch the replay of his presentation and our conversation below.

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