Data Literacy for Small Nonprofits with Sarah Epting

Data Literacy for Small Nonprofits with Sarah Epting

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Becoming data literate and even data-driven isn’t impossible for small nonprofits. In this episode, I sit down with Sarah Epting to talk all things data. Specifically:

  • What is data literacy and why is it especially important for nonprofits?
  • How can small shops start on their data literacy journey?
  • What do nonprofits often get wrong when collecting data?
  • What data should we collect? And how do we use this data effectively so it doesn’t just sit in a spreadsheet?

With 10 years of nonprofit management and 5 years of specialized Salesforce Administrator experience, Sarah leverages unprecedented knowledge of the hurdles nonprofits often face. She founded Technopath to address the gaps in the industry, leveraging her Salesforce expertise to help nonprofits further their mission.

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