The Problem With "Doing More With Less" - Building Sustainable Fundraising Programs with Wendy Mercurio

The Problem With “Doing More With Less” – Building Sustainable Fundraising Programs with Wendy Mercurio

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You might have heard the phrase, “Do more with less,” once or twice before, and if you work in the nonprofit sector, you’ve likely heard that phrase dozens of times. It’s a fundraising professional’s mantra!

When you’re in “survival mode” it can be hard to make time to fine-tune your fundraising campaigns and raise more money—not just for your mission, but for the administrative costs associated with your organization.

This pressure (that often feels like a rice cooker ready to burst) can impact your job satisfaction and lead to high turnover rates within your organization, affecting your overall wellbeing as a change maker and your nonprofit’s bottom line.

In this episode, we discuss the hard topics:

  • Are donors still willing to financially support their favorite causes despite inflation?
  • What can be done to address the increased pressures fundraising professionals are facing?
  • Are fundraisers  being given the tools they need to meet their goals?
  • How can nonprofits retain their fundraising staff and build more scalable programs?

About Wendy

Wendy Mercurio is the Content and Education Specialist at Qgiv. As a former Development Officer and Development Director, Wendy draws upon her nonprofit experience to create informative and inspiring content for the Qgiv audience and beyond. Wendy’s professional efforts have focused on fundraising events, corporate relations, donor acquisition, and donor relations. In her spare time, Wendy can be found spending time with her pup, Alfie, cooking up a new recipe and spending time on the lake she lives by.

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