Nonprofit Nation with Jenny Blake

How to Set Your Time Free and Love Your Work with Jenny Blake

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You’ve been told that time is precious. So why don’t we treat it like the invaluable, nonrenewable resource it is? I was thrilled to have Jenny Blake on my podcast – not just because I love her books, her podcast, her newsletter – but mostly, her philosophy on time, on work, and on managing it all. Jenny is an award-winning …

7 Ways to Beat Overwhelm and Get Things Done

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You wake up in the morning dreading tackling your ever-expanding To Do list. At the end of the week, you feel like you worked so hard and you are so tired – but you didn’t really accomplish anything. Your nonprofit is not hitting it’s quarterly targets, despite you feeling stretched so thin and pulled in 100 different directions. There are …

How Much Time Does Social Media Marketing Really Take?

How Much Time Does Social Media Marketing Really Take?

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I’ve noticed a disturbing trend in the nonprofit sector. It seems that all too often, uninformed nonprofit Boards and well-meaning but not-tech-savvy Executive Directors simply tack on the words “social media” to the development or marketing person’s job description. This usually happens after a heated Board meeting where it is decided that their nonprofit should be “doing social media.”  Then, …