Nonprofit Nation - Rachel Bearbower

How to Set Boundaries and Banish Burnout with Rachel Bearbower

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This episode is sponsored by my friends at Keela, a comprehensive fundraising and donor management software that will help you expand your reach, increase fundraising revenue, and foster a dedicated community of supporters. Keela is hosting a webinar, led by me, on June 6 – How to Drive Donations and Get Engagement Using Social Media. It’s totally free, and you can get …

Nonprofit Nation with Jenny Blake

How to Set Your Time Free and Love Your Work with Jenny Blake

Julia Claire Campbell Entrepreneurship, Nonprofits, Podcast, Time Management

You’ve been told that time is precious. So why don’t we treat it like the invaluable, nonrenewable resource it is? I was thrilled to have Jenny Blake on my podcast – not just because I love her books, her podcast, her newsletter – but mostly, her philosophy on time, on work, and on managing it all. Jenny is an award-winning …

10 Ways to Re-purpose Content on Digital Channels

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This is a small excerpt from my book, How to Build and Mobilize a Social Media Community for Your Nonprofit in 90 Days, out now!   Unless your nonprofit just formed yesterday, you most likely have at least a few photos, videos, appeal letters, annual reports, grant proposals, and the like cluttering up your hard drive and your filing cabinets. You …

5 Ways to #KonMari Your Digital Life

5 Ways to #KonMari Your Digital Life

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If you are like most of America, you’ve fallen in love with Marie Kondo, author of the book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and start of Netflix’s new popular show, “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.” Marie Kondo has made her #KonMari method of de-cluttering and tidying up go mainstream. It’s a simple but strategic organizing system that promises to …

Social Media Productivity Tools for Nonprofits

Social Media Productivity Tools for Nonprofits

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Be efficient. Keep on task. Remain laser-focused. For a social media manager at a nonprofit organization, those phrases may seem incredibly elusive. Since 2010, I have helped nonprofits with their digital marketing strategy, focusing on social media. What I’ve found is that when it comes to technology and social media, the hamster wheel never stops, and it’s up to the …