Search Engine Optimization SEO for Nonprofits: 3 Best Practices

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Chances are, your nonprofit uses its website as a central information hub. Here, people can learn more about the history of your organization, your mission, and how you serve the community. They may even use your website to donate, sign up to volunteer, or register for an event. However, none of this is possible if prospective supporters can’t find your …

6 Tips for Cohesive Web Design and Social Media Strategies

6 Tips for Cohesive Web Design and Social Media Strategies

Julia Claire Campbell Marketing, Nonprofits, Social Media, Websites

Guest post by Anne Stefanyk, Founder and CEO of Kanopi Studios For both businesses and nonprofits, modern marketing thrives through multiple channels. A prospective donor sees an ad for your nonprofit’s campaign on social media, clicks the link to your website, then signs up for your email newsletter, eventually leading them to donate. This is a common example of how …

The 10 Commandments for Nonprofit Websites

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In an ideal world, every nonprofit organization would have a website. Not just any website, but an optimal one that converts donors, recruits volunteers and attracts community members to the cause. A website that inspires through compelling visuals and succinct storytelling, concise calls-to-action and creative uses of white space. In an ideal world, nonprofits would adhere to my 10 Commandments …