5 Ways to Use Facebook Live In Your Next Fundraising Campaign

5 Ways to Use Facebook Live In Your Next Fundraising Campaign

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If you missed this live mini-training about using Facebook Live, you can catch the replay on my Facebook Page! Here are the slides, where I dive into 5 specific ways that your nonprofit can use Facebook Live in your next fundraising campaign. Don’t forget to grab this week’s freebie download – The Essential Facebook Live Checklist for Nonprofits! Happy viewing! …

Facebook Live for nonprofits

How to Use Live-Streaming Video to Share Stories as They Happen

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So what is “live-streaming video”? Live-streaming means filming a video as it happens and broadcasting it via social media. This may sound terrifying to the uninitiated but take note: Live-streaming video is the most popular form of video content on the web today. With nonprofits across the sector continually being accused of shying away from the spotlight and spending all …

How to Become a Stellar Nonprofit Storyteller

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In my last post, I described some of the benefits of combining the powerful one-two punch of great stories and social media. To capitalize on those benefits, what qualities do you need to be an effective storyteller for your nonprofit? Great storytellers have certain specific characteristics in common. Note that not everyone will embody every characteristic on this list; they are …

8 Ways Digital Storytelling Will Make Your Nonprofit Better

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There is a myriad of benefits that can be gained through a strategic online foray into storytelling—benefits that will resonate throughout the entire organization, from donors to clients to staff. Here are just some of the many benefits that your nonprofit will enjoy when you start using stories in your communications and fundraising efforts: 1. Seeing Your Mission with a …

5 Ways to Thank Corporate Sponsors with Social Media

5 Ways to Thank Corporate Sponsors with Social Media (Without Posting Ugly Logos)

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We’ve all seen it – a nonprofit website or Facebook Page filled up with pixelated, cut-off corporate logos, often accompanied by a generic caption such as “Thank you so much to Great Local Business for sponsoring our gala.” Eye-catching? Nope. Interesting? Nah. Inspiring? Not at all. Nonprofits everywhere are wasting valuable online real estate and squandering the miniscule attention spans …

how to create a nonprofit social media toolkit

How to Create a Nonprofit Social Media Toolkit for Your Online Fundraising Campaign

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When creating and implementing your nonprofit online fundraising campaign, remember that getting people’s attention is much harder than it seems. The trap nonprofits too often fall into is that they feel entitled to attention, and even donations, from their supporters and online community members. Reality check: Just because you have a wonderful cause does not mean that people will understand …