Is there too much fundraising on Facebook?

Is there too much fundraising on Facebook?

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Last night when I checked my News Feed before bed I was interrupted by a request from Facebook – take a short survey and help us make Facebook better.

As a digital marketing enthusiast, I always jump at the chance to take these surveys, mostly because the questions can give great insight into what Facebook is trying to improve.

Or at least what the largest social media company in the world is thinking about.

But the questions they presented me with gave me pause.

Here they are:

facebook-survey-question-1 facebook-survey-question-2

Notice the way the questions are worded. Facebook seems to be responding to complaints from users – at least, that is my personal speculation.

I answered Strongly Disagree to both questions, because that’s how I really feel, but also because I want to see MORE fundraising from charitable causes on the social network.

Did you take this survey? What do you think? What may the implications be for charitable causes raising money on Facebook? 

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