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Taking Your Nonprofit Events from Snooze-Fest to Buzz-Worthy – Tips & Tools

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Nonprofit events tips and toolsWelcome to the second episode of Nonprofit Social Media Nerds, where we discuss and demo social media tools, tech, tips, and tricks.

(Most) Fridays at noon we will come to you live and discuss a topic designed to help you use your limited time and resources for social media more effectively and efficiently.

We are working on the full schedule right now and should have it to you shortly.

My fellow Nonprofit Social Media Nerd is certified Social Media Strategist Josh Hirsch, the Director of Mission and Communication for Susan G. Komen South Florida.

Together we co-administer the Facebook Group Nonprofit Social Media Storytelling, a place for nonprofit marketers, fundraisers, and social media nerds to share challenges, ask questions, and give advice.

So why are we talking about nonprofit events?

Let’s face it.

Most nonprofit events, especially fundraising events, are a snooze-fest.

Sorry to be so harsh, but I’ve been working, playing, and volunteering in the third sector for almost 2 decades.

And the events that I usually attend are nothing to tweet about.

So how can we get more people excited about our events, and engaging during the event in real-time?

Let’s dive right in.

Watch the video to see a live demo of Josh’s must-have mobile apps to enhance your events in real-time, and increase engagement with your event attendees. 

Mentimeter – Mentimeter is an easy-to-use tool that makes facilitators and presenters look like stars. No installations or downloads required – and it’s free!

Kahoot – Kahoot! is a game-based learning and trivia platform used in classrooms, offices and social settings. Sign up to create, play and share engaging quizzes on any topic.

Eversnap – Helps you capture all your guests’ photos and videos in one online album.

Three more tips to make your event buzz worthy

1) Set up an Instagram station.

We’ve seen photo booths and selfie stations, and they are so much fun – but let’s take it one step further and create actual Instagram stations at our events. 

Take a look at the fun Instagram stations created at Inbound 2018 in Boston:

2) Twitter/Instagram wall

Use a tool to project tweets and Instagram posts at your event in real time!

Two tools to check out:

3) Printed signs with your Instagram handle and event hashtag

Put your organization’s social media handles on everything and encourage people to check in to the event and use the event hashtag.

If they don’t know about it, how can they use it?

Adding your handles and the event hashtag to your brochure, to printed signs, and to other event collateral will increase engagement.

Instagram at nonprofit events

So there you have it, tips and tools to make your next event one that everyone will be talking about.

We will be going live on Friday at noon for the next few weeks – we will post the full schedule in the Facebook Group to stay tuned.

Thanks for reading and watching! Nonprofit Social Media Nerds will be going live on Friday at noon for the next few weeks – we will post the full schedule in the Facebook Group so stay tuned.

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