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Storytelling That Sticks: Deep Dive Q&A Into My New Program for Nonprofits

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Got questions about my new program for nonprofits? Here are the answers! 

I had a bunch of questions come in about my new course, Storytelling That Sticks, so I decided to write a quick blog post.

This post answers the top questions that you have been asking. Don’t see your question answered here? Send me an email.

1) What is this course about anyway? 

I created this course to give busy nonprofits a system to collect, craft, and share their stories with the world.

In Storytelling That Sticks, I deliver one live training once per week. Each training is about an hour, but it’s not all passive listening. We start the homework for each week during the live session, to help you create momentum and keep you moving along. 

Module 1: Setting Up Your Storytelling That Sticks System and Consistently Collect Stories That Stick 

Module 2: How to Craft Stories That Stick 

Module 3: How to Share Stories That Stick 

Module 4: How to Spread Stories That Stick 

There will be an implementation week in between to help you catch up and get the most out of the course.

In the weekly Study Hall sessions, we review the homework and go through questions, challenges, and any obstacles you may face along the way.  These sessions are designed to help you stay focused and on track. 

Each and every week you will have the opportunity to join me for a live training via Zoom, or you can watch the recording at your convenience. If you take longer to get through certain portions, no worries at all! You will have LIFETIME access to this content (and any future updates that I will assuredly make). 😊 

The syllabus gives you the complete live weekly training and Study Hall schedule. In addition, I’ll be sure to send you an email reminder each week to keep us on track. 

2) How long will this take? 

I’ve been getting emails like this: “I’m wondering if now is the time given that my only free hours at this point are after 8 when the kids are in bed.”

I FEEL you. I have a business, work full-time, and have two kids myself and a household to manage. Just know that this is possible. 

There will be four live sessions on Zoom that will go an hour each (maybe less). Those sessions will be some instruction, and some working together on an assignment. The goal is to be as interactive as possible while still giving you all the training you need to be successful. 

Each week we will have Study Halls to review the assignments and the material up to that point and make sure questions are answered and that challenges are addressed. These Study Halls are optional – they are for you to have hands-on time with me to review the work and tackle places where you might get stuck. 

All in all, if you attend each session and do the homework assignment, it should be about 1.5-2 hours per week of work. 

Remember that you get LIFETIME access to the content and all the recordings, and you can take the course again (for free) when I reboot it!

3) How long do we have to buy?

You can enroll right up until we start class next week. 

But you should know – class starts MONDAY, May 30th …so time is of the essence if you want in on the special bonuses and incentives to join because they won’t be available after that date.

4) How long will we have access?

You will have lifetime access to the course as well as any and all future improvements and updates. 

5) Is there a money back guarantee? 

Yes, I offer a risk-free 14-day return policy. 

6) Who is this course right for?

This course was created for the busy nonprofit professional who knows they have great stories to share about their impact, but they don’t have a SYSTEM to collect them and craft them.

It’s also for you if you think there is no way you can share stories about your clients, your cause, or your mission because you don’t have kittens or children to feature!

I’m here to dispel all of these storytelling myths and misconceptions.  

7) Do you offer nonprofit discounts or scholarships? 

I don’t provide scholarships for my courses, for two main reasons:

a) I used to give away the course to select nonprofits, but I realized that’s not fair to the ones that do pay (since all my clients and students are nonprofits). 

Also, these students never finished the course because they didn’t have as much skin in the game. 

They barely showed up, were way too busy doing their other important work, and didn’t get anything out of it. Not their fault – they just were stretched too thin. 🙁

b) This course is priced as low as I could reasonably price it . When I run the course I don’t take on consulting clients or any other projects so I can focus on my students. 

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