How to Build Community and Actually Drive Donations Using Social Media

[Webinar] How to Build Community and Actually Drive Donations Using Social Media

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94% of NGOs worldwide agree that social media is effective for creating online brand awareness.

30% of nonprofit website traffic currently comes from social media.

And the best part?

36% of social media users say that they have used social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to show support for a cause! (Source: Global NGO Technology Report)

Nonprofits of all sizes are using social media every day to grab attention, inspire curiosity, and ultimately raise money for their causes.

However, many nonprofit social media campaigns fall flat, launch to crickets, and fail to get results.

It’s not because we don’t do great work – we know that we do!

Many of us don’t get results on social media because we don’t know how to best leverage the power and potential of the platforms to engage people in our cause, and most importantly – to get them to take action.

We are left spinning our wheels, hoping to post once in a while and see if it works. (Hint: It won’t.)

This webinar shows how nonprofit fundraisers can adapt to the realities of our distracted, digital world, and the specific ways that charities of all sizes can continue to attract new supporters, raise awareness for their cause, and drive donations using these tools.

Here are the slides from a recent webinar that I gave, hosted by DonorPerfect:

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