Beyond #GivingTuesday‒Building Trust With Newly Acquired Donors with Tim Sarrantonio

Beyond #GivingTuesday‒Building Trust With Newly Acquired Donors with Tim Sarrantonio

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The data shows that a whopping 80% of new donors won’t make a second gift. But, while that sounds scary, moments like GivingTuesday signal that there are a lot of reasons fundraisers can feel happy and hopeful—especially if you spend some time creating experiences that build trust between your organization and the people who support you.

My guest this week is Tim Sarrantonio. Tim is an internationally renowned speaker on generosity, technology, and the trends in the social good sector. After helping various causes raise over $3 million, he then moved into providing support for thousands of nonprofits through his work at Neon One. He has spoken at AFPICON, NTC, TEDx, and holds a Certificate in Philanthropic Psychology from the Institute for Sustainable Philanthropy. He lives in Niskayuna with his lovely wife, three lovely daughters, and two perfectly fine cats.

In this episode, Tim and I discuss:

  • Why it may be time to rethink the definition of “donors”
  • The importance of building a welcoming experience for new donors
  • Research-backed insights into how to use technology to accelerate people-centric connection

If you’re looking for practical steps to take to connect with your community (or want some good news about peoples’ generosity), this is the episode for you.

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