How LinkedIn Will Help You Reach New Audiences with Tania Bhattacharyya

How LinkedIn Will Help You Reach New Audiences with Tania Bhattacharyya

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You have a hunch that your donors are on LinkedIn … but you feel like a best-kept secret on the platform. Tania Bhattacharyya knows how frustrating that can be. But growing your brand as a thought leader on LinkedIn will position you as a go-to, trusted voice.

The problem is, “LinkedIn” often falls to the end of our to-do lists after taking care of all of the other tasks on our to-do list. That means the people who need the transformation we provide can’t find us.

But what if you could spend an hour on LinkedIn each week to attract the people you want to work with?

In this episode, Tania shares her secrets to being “Lazy on LinkedIn” – or spending one intentional hour per week to create a sustainable stream of leads and visibility opportunities.

Tania is a LinkedIn Thought Leadership Strategist and fellow storytelling enthusiast. In her own words: your work doesn’t speak for itself. We’ll discuss how to use the power of your story to move your mission and use your personal LinkedIn to facilitate thought leadership.

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