How to Think Strategically In A Short-Term World with Karen E. Osborne

How to Think Strategically In A Short-Term World with Karen E. Osborne

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In this episode of Nonprofit Nation, host Julia Campbell engages in a conversation with Karen E. Osborne, a seasoned professional in the nonprofit sector and a suspense/mystery writer. The discussion delves into strategic thinking, creativity, philanthropy, and the future of fundraising.

Karen shares her journey into the nonprofit world, emphasizing the commonality of people stumbling into the profession and the importance of building a network and seeking guidance. The conversation then shifts to strategic thinking, where Karen defines it as the ability to anticipate, look ahead, find opportunities, and consider external factors. She highlights the detrimental impact of silos on strategic thinking within organizations and emphasizes the value of curiosity and information gathering.

The conversation touches on Karen’s dual role as a writer, sharing her creative process and the inspiration behind her novels. For small nonprofits, Karen recommends building a strong, active board, focusing on impactful stewardship, investing in good software, and continuous learning.

The episode concludes with a reminder to stay curious, continuously learn, and avoid complacency. Overall, the episode provides valuable insights into strategic thinking, creativity, and effective practices for nonprofits, offering a wealth of knowledge for both seasoned professionals and those new to the sector.

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