Nonprofit Technology: Changing The World

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Technology has changed the nonprofit world permanently. The rise of social networks and mobile devices has completely revolutionized the way that people communiciate, network and discover information. Is your organization taking advantage of all that nonprofit technology has to offer? Check out these stats, from an infographic created by 47% of Americans learn about social causes via social media …

2013 Charitable Giving Report Infographic

Small Nonprofits Are Increasing Their Online Fundraising

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Last week Blackbaud released it’s annual Charitable Giving Report, and the findings may surprise you. The fundraising climate is improving. Overall giving in the U.S. was up by almost 5%! Not surprisingly larger nonprofits grew their giving by 5.7% compared to smaller organizations, which grew at 3.6% Most notably, online giving is on the rise. It grew 13.5% in 2013, …

Online Giving for Nonprofits

Increase In Online Giving Presents Nonprofits With Great Opportunity

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Get excited – online giving is definitely on the rise! But, it’s important to manage your expectations. Online giving, while definitely growing, is still a very minor part of overall funds raised for nonprofits. (In other words, don’t throw out that direct mail appeal just yet!) Search Mojo has created the below infographic, drawing on research from the 2013 eNonprofit …

3 Reasons Your Nonprofit Should Absolutely Be Interested In Pinterest

3 Reasons Your Nonprofit Should Absolutely Be Interested In Pinterest

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I’m sure that by now someone has brought up this question – either at a Board meeting, marketing meeting or just in passing: Should our nonprofit be interested in Pinterest? The short answer is – YES! Note: Before jumping on any social network, your nonprofit should think about overall fundraising and marketing strategy and staff capacity first, and the tools …

Don't put all your eggs into the online fundraising basket - yet

Don’t put all your eggs into the online giving basket – yet

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Each year nonprofit software provider Blackbaud Inc. analyzes $8 billion worth of U.S. charitable gifts to 3,000 nonprofits and releases their Charitable and Online Giving Index. This tool is very helpful for nonprofits to identify trends in the sector, as well as compare their progress to other organizations based on size, revenue and area of focus. In the 2012 Index, …

How To Encourage The Spirit of Giving In Young Children?

How To Encourage The Spirit of Giving In Young Children?

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As a parent who works with many nonprofit organizations, both as a consultant and as a volunteer, I often wonder how to communicate what I do to my young daughter. Some mothers are doctors, teachers, stay-at-home moms, retailers, police. How to explain what I do to a three-year-old when often the adults I encounter don’t get it? Teaching my daughter …

Giving Tuesday

Nonprofits, social media and fundraising: #GivingTuesday is a few of my favorite things

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I know you’ve heard of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. To most, these are revered celebrations of online consumerism and the chance to stomp on strangers for the lowest priced television. In response to this, but also as a great idea in and of itself, #GivingTuesday has been embraced by the nonprofit and philanthropic world as an alternative to the …

Be Your Donor Day

What do your donors experience when they give? #BeYourDonor

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When speaking to nonprofit professionals, I always give them this one piece of advice: Make a donation to your own nonprofit, either online or via a check in the mail. Then see what happens. Do you get an acknowledgement? A letter? An email? A phone call? Or do you get a symphony of crickets? A must-read report was recently released …