How to Create Social Media Video on a Shoestring Budget – Tips & Tools

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HOW TO CREATE SOCIAL MEDIA VIDEO ON A SHOESTRING BUDGET: TIPS & TOOLSWelcome to the first episode of Nonprofit Social Media Nerds, where we discuss and demo social media tools, tech, tips, and tricks.

(Most) Fridays at noon we will come to you live and discuss a topic designed to help you use your limited time and resources for social media more effectively and efficiently.

We are working on the full schedule right now and should have it to you shortly.

My fellow Nonprofit Social Media Nerd is certified Social Media Strategist Josh Hirsch, the Director of Mission and Communication for Susan G. Komen South Florida.

Together we co-administer the Facebook Group Nonprofit Social Media Storytelling, a place for nonprofit marketers, fundraisers, and social media nerds to share challenges, ask questions, and give advice.

So why are we talking about video?

  • A Tweet with a video in it is six times more likely to be retweeted than just an image
  • Buffer studied 880 million Facebook posts in 2017 and found that video posts have the highest average engagement and twice the level of engagement of other post types on average
  • YouTube is the world’s second most popular search engine (after Google), with 400 hours of footage uploaded every minute.

Let’s dive right in.

Watch the video to see a live demo of Josh’s must-have mobile apps to create, enhance, edit, and share video on social media: 

Nutshell by Prezi – Snap three pictures. Add captions. Choose graphics. And let Nutshell turn it all into a shareable cinematic story.

Watermark Video – Cover up app watermarks with your logo for better visual branding.

Instagram StoriesSusan G. Komen South Florida uses Instagram Stories to provide a unique, behind-the-scenes glimpse into their work and impact.

Unfold – Unfold let’s you create beautiful and engaging stories for Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook with minimal and easy-to-use templates.

What are even more ways to use video to increase visibility for your cause?

1. Get your supporters to take over your Instagram account and share stories!

UK mental health charity Mind has really embraced Instagram Stories by allowing their supporter to takeover the account and post their own content as they undertake a fundraising challenge.  

2. Empower your supporters to create and make video for you

A great example is the fabulous and powerful #UniteForParkinsons campaign. 

On Wednesday April 11th, the world celebrated World Parkinson’s Day to raise awareness of the condition and change attitudes.

The purpose of the campaign was to show what living with Parkinson’s is truly like, so Parkinson’s UK asked people with Parkinson’s all over the world to submit videos ahead of the day.

The instructions that they sent to their followers was: 

  • to be honest, brave and real
  • to show that Parkinson’s is much more than just a tremor.

People posted video to give an authentic and powerful insight into their lives.

Parkinson's UK

3. Create a video toolkit

YouTube’s features a downloadable toolkit chock full of tips and ideas to encourage and empower your followers to make videos on your behalf. 

It also includes tips on partnering with video creators to help them add a Donatin Card to their videos, where people can donate to your nonprofit within YouTube!  

YouTube also has introduced a host of new fundraising tools as well. 

Facebook has a Creators Toolkit on their site that you can share, or mine for ideas to adapt and emulate. 

Facebook Creators Toolkit

You can take it one step further and publish your own video toolkit on your website.

What to include:

  • Ideas on what to film
  • Instructions on how to use their phone and some of the tools that we demonstrated today
  • How to tell their story for video
  • How to post on social media to promote the campaign

For example, the UK-based charity Mind has done a good job of guiding their community to spread the word about their work with their simple but effective social media guidelines page.

Thanks for reading and watching! Nonprofit Social Media Nerds will be going live on Friday at noon for the next few weeks – we will post the full schedule in the Facebook Group so stay tuned.

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