6 Proven Methods To Get More Social Media Shares

6 Proven Methods To Get More Social Media Shares

Julia Claire Campbell Content Creation, Marketing, Social Media 41 Comments

We all know that sharing is the gold standard of social media. Likes and comments are all well and good, but getting someone to share, to retweet, to repin, to regram – that is what exposes your content to a wider audience. Sharing is more powerful as it requires more engagement than passively, scrolling, reading or even clicking “like” on …

5 Stories Nonprofits Should Be Telling On Social Media

Julia Claire Campbell Marketing, Nonprofits, Social Media, Storytelling, Video 45 Comments

Storytelling has been receiving a lot of press lately, as a content marketing tool and as an effective way to engage audiences on social media. Brands and businesses are getting their stories out there – stories about their origins, their values, their customers. So why are most nonprofits so bad at storytelling? I think the reason is that many nonprofit …

In Defense of Social Media Slacktivism

In Defense of Social Media Slacktivism

Julia Claire Campbell Nonprofits, Social Media 9 Comments

The word “slacktivism” has surfaced so much of late that I feel the need to write a defense of the much–maligned practice. “Slacktivism” can be loosely defined as sharing a post online, signing an online petition and tweeting a link to a charity’s website. Cynicism Exhibit A: Brian Moylan wrote a provocatively titled post calling everyone who posted the red …

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Pinning for Good: How UNICEF Uses Pinterest to Raise Awareness and Raise Funds

Julia Claire Campbell Fundraising, Nonprofits, Online Fundraising, Pinterest, Social Media 1 Comment

If you are like me, you have become hopelessly addicted to Pinterest. The uses, both personal and for business, are endless. Pin expensive, sparkly shoes and bags! Pin ideas for your Christmas party! Pin ideas for your child’s bedroom! Pin blog articles! Pin inspiring quotes! On the surface, Pinterest seems pretty shallow – an extension of our rampant consumerism. It …