How to use email and social media to create an exceptional first-time donor experience

How to Use Email and Social Media to Create an Exceptional First-Time Donor Experience

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Nonprofits are doing a terrible job at keeping donors in the fold.  According to the 2016 Fundraising Effectiveness Survey Report,  Every $100 gained in 2015 was offset by $91 in losses through gift attrition. Every 100 donors gained in 2015 was offset by 96 lost donors through attrition. The most recent statistics, released in November 2017, are no less shocking: …

5 Ways to Thank Corporate Sponsors with Social Media

Thanking Event Sponsors: 5 Ways to Thank Corporate Sponsors with Social Media (Without Posting Ugly Logos)

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We’ve all seen it – a nonprofit website or Facebook Page filled up with pixelated, cut-off corporate logos, often accompanied by a generic caption such as “Thank you so much to Great Local Business for sponsoring our gala.” That is how so so many nonprofits end up thanking event sponsors they worked so hard to acquire! Eye-catching? Nope. Interesting? Nah. …

How Nonprofits Continue to Get Facebook Marketing All Wrong

How Nonprofits Continue To Get Facebook Marketing All Wrong

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In my conversations with nonprofits using social media, I always ask them one question first – What do they want to get out of using Facebook?   I always single out Facebook first because it is alternately so loved and so hated, and the mere mention of it always elicits spirited discussion.  Facebook is also very different than other platforms …

Using Social Media to Strengthen Donor Relationships

How To Use Social Media To Connect With Donors & Supporters

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Yesterday I presented a webinar with 4Good and Nonprofit Webinars on the topic of using social media to connect and build relationships with donors. The slides and audio are up on their website if you want to experience the entire webinar (I promise it’s worth it!) Click here. I have embedded the slides from SlideShare below. Let me know what you think! …

Are You Totally Missing the Point of Social Media?

Are You Totally Missing the Point of Social Media?

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I know a lot of nonprofit professionals and marketing professionals. They have two things in common. Both groups want to know the most surefire and fastest way to grow their fans and followers on social media channels. (I mean, who doesn’t?) I think they are missing the point. To illustrate: Here are 3 common questions I receive every day in …