How To Get More Nonprofit Social Media Engagement in 2018

How Nonprofits Can Get More Social Media Engagement in 2018

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Nonprofits small and large dived into social media last year, and some found huge success – but many did not get the results that they expected. I hear these social media laments all the time from nonprofits: “Social media algorithms have killed our engagement this year.” “It’s so hard to cut through the noise and clutter on Facebook.” “Do you …

Top 3 Nonprofit Digital Marketing Challenges

Nonprofit Planning for 2018: Your Top 3 Nonprofit Digital Marketing Challenges – And My Solutions

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2017 was a difficult year for many nonprofits. Upcoming changes to the tax code, a very uncertain and unhinged political climate, a strain on financial resources, competition for attention and donations… you name it.  These are just a few of the topical issues faced by organizations of all sizes.    I polled several very different nonprofits about their biggest digital …

How to Create Your 2018 Nonprofit Content Strategy in Just 2 Steps

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Did you struggle with posting consistently this past year to all of your social media channels? Did you find it challenging to create and share content that garnered engagement and elicited a response?   A frequent challenge that I heard from nonprofits this past year was not being able to create and/or curate enough content to post on social media. …

How to Create and Use a Nonprofit Social Media Calendar [with template]

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As a nonprofit marketer, you wear many hats. Between answering emails, making phone calls to supporters, editing the annual appeal letter and coordinating fundraising events, who has time to maintain more than one social media site? You do have time. I promise. The answer to managing it all lies in one word – scheduling! Use a simple Social Media Calendar: …

10 Free Ways to Re-Purpose Your Nonprofit’s Stories

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Storytelling is critical to achieve success on social media, where the goal is to grab attention and pique interest. Without some sort of visual element to your storytelling, it will likely fall flat and get ignored. I’ve written several posts on how to collect stories, how to tell great stories, and how to promote stories using social media, websites, and …

How to Create a 90-Day Nonprofit Online Marketing Plan (Without Spending Hours On Social Media)

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The term “online marketing” can send chills up the spine of even the most seasoned nonprofit professional. Anxiety about staying up-to-date with all the different technology platforms, posting to social media every week, updating the website, writing the email newsletter… that’s enough to keep a busy nonprofit practitioner up at night. There is a solution, and I’m going to spell …

Social Media What's Hot What's Not

Social Media – What’s Hot…What’s Not

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I am thrilled to present this morning on the topic “Social Media: What’s Hot… And What’s Not” at The Enterprise Center at Salem State University! Please enjoy my presentation, and leave me a comment! Thanks for stopping by. If you can’t see the slideshow above, please click on this link: Social Media – What’s Hot…What’s Not – J Campbell Social Marketing from …